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Internet crime has become an upward trend that shows no sign of slowing down. Every month billions of dollars are stolen due to online frauds and scams. According to FCA or Financial Conduct Authority, people lost more than $27 million to forex and crypto investment scams in 2018-2019. In this modern world, scammers are operating their schemes online, and it's increasing at a rapid pace. Some of the organized cybercriminals are said to control and manage the entire process internationally. Legal professionals are not permitted to conduct their investigation on crimes that occur overseas. It has become difficult to stop such cybercriminals from stealing assets from people or organizations through online platforms for such reasons. That is why the need for asset recovery firms have increased. It's because they stand out as the best option to recover the stolen assets from the scammers or fraudsters once and for all. In this article, you will find some of the most reliable, reputed, and trusted asset recovery firms. Let's delve right into it, shall we? 1. Global Asset Refund LLC The Global Asset Refund LLC is an internal asset recovery company. The firm has an extraordinary intelligence team that hunts down the information about free businesses tangled in scams, frauds, and other illegal actions. The company offers its services and solutions to individuals, the government, and also corporate entities. They will conduct an investigation within a firm, a high yielding platform, an individual, or a bond. Global Asset Refund LLC has the power to help individuals make correct decisions based on solid evidence. They obtain information from hundreds and thousands of dark-net sources, individuals, criminals, and intelligence. The company also has a 98% accuracy, which can help determine whether a company is fake or real. They can also recover and locate all the stolen, hidden assets by discerning all the complicated overseas business structures. 2. Cybering Intelligence Cybering Intelligence is a reputed and private company that specializes in handling cyber-related fraud along with asset recovery. The company utilizes cybersecurity and forensics to fight against cybercrime. They have the expertise, knowledge, and skills to investigate and analyze the fake broker electronically, physically, and financially within overseas jurisdictions. The firm has helped many well-known companies, both big and small, and provides accurate information. They have a team of highly skilled and experienced specialists who handle all the asset recovery work. 3. Norton Intelligence Norton Intelligence is powered by Norton, which helps power a company or individual's portfolio strategies, purchases, and investments. The material is designed to strategically position industrial, banking, residential, medical, and retail development. It will also deliver an excellent understanding of the ever-changing market dynamics. The company professionals also have plenty of access towards all the latest information on commercial real estate along with the trends. These are highly essential to help all the clients so that they can make informed decisions. 4. Deloitte Deloitte is another company that ensures all their customers with advanced experience because they have been in the market for over 150 years. The firm can offer services, such as Assurance, Marketing Strategy, Consultation-related to financial plans, and Risk Advisory. The firm has over 300 professionals across the globe who are working within various organizations in the form of risk advisors, consultants, and many more. Some of Deloitte's biggest customers/clients are Berkshire Hathaway, Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, and Morgan and Stanley. 5. KPMG This Anglo-Dutch multinational services provider is one of the big four accounting companies in the market. They offer companies with legal services, financial strategies, and consulting. KRMG also provides an outstanding asset recovery service as its team of skilled individuals utilizes innovative investigation techniques to look for stolen assets. On the other hand, the firm is also pretty successful regarding non-disclosure assets, business arrangements, unsatisfied judgment orders, and unpaid debts. 6. Stainway Financials Review Stainway Financials is currently one of the first companies to provide a personal recovery specialist. The online platform is filled with plenty of scams, which can steal a massive amount of capital from people or businesses. As the world is dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, many fraudsters create conceited and news ways to trick people into giving them their funds. This is where Stainway Financials comes in. They provide services in tracking down information about scam businesses online and also analyze the claims made by the victims. This intelligence service provider takes the help of numerous resources to retrieve all the stolen assets or funds. Last Words Asset recovery is viewed as one of the best ways to recover all the funds that were stolen by online scammers. Traditional techniques like reporting to the police or the online crime agency will not provide you with positive outcomes. It will be much better to contact a reliable and trusted asset recovery firm to obtain your stolen asset from fraudsters or scammers.

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