The Mofaz Plan: Fox Loose in Livni’s Kadima Hen House (Link Update)

Mofaz tables Disengagement+ in bid to top Livni The internal battle for the Kadima leadership rolls on. Shaul Mofaz the party #2 seized an opportune moment (all Israeli political heavy weights abroad) to let loose a bombshell as part of his leadership bid, a new peace plan.. To recognize a Palestinian State! [...] Under the plan, Israel […]

Foxy: Mofaz proving to be wily opponent in Kadima

Haaretz is surprised, the rest of us perhaps less so.. Mofaz attracting surprising level of support in Kadima By Mazal Mualem, Haaretz Correspondent After winning the support Monday of Housing and Construction Minister Ze’ev Boim and MK Ronit Tirosh in his bid to head Kadima, Transportation Minister Shaul Mofaz is expected to also get nods […]

Jerusalem 4Sale Under Livni: PA declares Mofaz would be another Nakba!

Mofaz declares Jerusalem United; PA Endorses Livni.. I’ve been hammering Livni like a jackhammer, but it only takes a few words from Saeb Erekat to REALLY do some damage. Whomever the Palestinians endorse, you can slot my vote in the exact OPPOSITE column. That probably goes for the other 70% of Israelis or so polled who […]

Magic Mofaz: You cannot take the fight out of this man

Former IDF Chief of Staff, formerly Israel's Defense Minister until short few months ago, and the only man with any cohones in the cabinet casts the lone single abstention in key vote (Ynet), refuses to vote in favour of the cease fire.. Vociferously opposed delays in military operations in Lebanon.. Oversaw the targeted elimination of Hamas leaders Successfully oversaw […]

Mofaz: Fast, Precise, and Intense

Ynet on the Defense Minister shoring up the troops confidence. [...] We will continue to work using all means available – fast, precise and intense artillery fire," he said. Mofaz told soldiers that the Hamas government is taking no action against terror groups, leaving Israel no choice but to use all available means. "We have […]